We're giving away more than $25,000 in prizes this NFL season!

(I blew our budget on swag so I had to design this page myself)


The MAX Challenge

We're rewarding our players every week with cash, contest tickets, swag that's actually good, and more!

Not only that, but we've also got the only participation award that doesn't suck.

How's it work?

Use our avatar and max out DraftKings' mini-MAX every week this season and win all of this:

  • A custom Yeti Haul cooler ($400 value)
  • 3 free months of SaberSim Advanced ($270 value)
  • An entry to a private $5,000 freeroll ($1,000 to first place)

Can't commit to all 18 weeks? No problem.

We're giving away prizes every week—and this first week is going to be HUGE.

Here's everything up for grabs in Week 1:

  • 5x SaberSim shirts
  • 3x Sets of custom Yeti stackable cups
  • 2x SaberSim Hoodies
  • 1x Entry to the private $5k freeroll
  • 1x Custom Yeti Haul cooler
  • 1x Free year of SaberSim with early access to our new Pro Plan (5,000 lineups, anybody?)
  • And all of the prizes below...

So what are you waiting for? Register for the MAX Challenge now.

The Prizes

Tune into Office Hours every Monday of the season to hear the winners announced live.

Here's everything we're giving away...

One randomly selected entrant each week wins:

  • Free entries to next week's mini-MAX ($75 value).

The top finisher from the Challenge each week wins:

  • 1 free month of SaberSim Advanced ($90 value)
  • SaberSim T-Shirt
  • An entry to an end of the season $5,000 freeroll ($1,000+ first prize)

Play 10 weeks and win:

Play all 18 weeks and win:

  • 1 custom Yeti Haul Cooler ($400 value)
  • 2 custom Yeti Stackable cups ($70 value)
  • 3 free months of SaberSim Advanced ($270 value)
  • An entry to an end of the season $5,000 freeroll ($1,000+ first prize)

Bonus for winning the mini-MAX:

  • 1 free year of SaberSim Advanced ($1080 value)
  • A custom championship belt
  • A dedicated MAX Challenge spot in the Winner's Circle

How can you say no to all of that?

Eligibility Requirements

  • Use the SaberSim logo as your avatar on DraftKings (Instructions)
  • Register for the contest using this short form (you one need to register once for the whole season)
  • Enter 150 lineups into DraftKings' mini-MAX on the NFL Sunday Main Slate
  • Note: If the flagship mini-MAX fills, any smaller mini-MAX contests posted on the Main Slate are allowed

If you have any questions at all, you can always reach out in Discord or at [email protected]

Good luck!

Andy Baldacci